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The Bus

Born into a life marked with oppression

A fighter of freedom became an obsession

A bonfire ignites from the smallest of sparks

To the civil rights movement, would be Rosa Parks

Long before she was the face of their fight

From frail youthful girl, glowed a strong inner light

As a student of colour, school bus rides denied

The realization planted seeds deep inside

Ugly the face of hate shown to this girl

A bus proved that there was a white and black world

Prescient chance that one day came to be

A stone in the pathway of equality

A bus would yet figure again in her life

Though now she might ride, prejudice was still rife

Was not much to ask a black person to move

But to one Rosa Parks, this request would now prove

To be the last straw that broke this woman’s back

And purposefulness was not something she lacked

A lifetime of witnessing death and injustice

Came to this moment when nerve and heart mixed

She wanted the world she was now living in

To see she had rights, she was not giving in

She stood hard her ground, without leaving her seat

Her arrest made the circle of bias complete

She was now that small spark that would burn ever brighter

Inside this slight woman was a vigorous fighter

And a force that was brewing for years now grew stronger

Ready to show they would take it no longer!

The law was now coming to end segregation

Long overdue, an awakening nation

But decades would pass, and with each a new battle

Ready to take in hand cage bars and rattle!

And Rosa Parks’ journey from bus seat to symbol

Began with a statement, which clanged like a cymbal

“I don’t think I should have to stand up,” said with feeling

Would leave bigotry that long stood, dazed and reeling

Tenacious and dogged, and primed to defend

An activist’s life did she lead till the end

Honoured the highest, remembered with awe

Upon Rosa’s spirit, does righteousness draw

May we, if despondent, have fixed in our mind

Inside lays a hero, that is hoping we’ll find

The will to face all that the world has in store

So that we, like Ms. Parks, will prevail ever more…

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