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The Fifth Day of December

On the fifth day of December I hope my true love brings

A yummy chocolate shake on side of golden onion rings

Or even better they can make me coffee in the morning

Or give me sloppy kiss without the usual fair warning

Perhaps the gift of folding laundry, that’s something I could use

Or letting me, on movie night, be one who gets to choose

I’d really love a nice warm bath wrapped up beneath the tree

But since it’s quite impossible, you still draw one for me

And light the scented candles, plus add all the sweetest balms

And shoo the kids from bathroom door so I can rest in calm

It’s just so clear, this time of year, we hope we get a treat

We need a break from tiresome chore, my brow is wholly beat

But thing I’ve got, and wouldn’t trade, is true love, I mean TRUE

They always know just what to say, and what they say they do!

The simple pleasures life affords not counted by the dozen

Just quiet time, with me and mine, and spiked eggnog for guzzlin’

When we’re content, inside and out, what joy there is in living

With special someone by your side, the gift that keeps on giving!

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