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The Gift

Lady in Red

Artist: Agnes Kokot

I unwrapped a bouquet of flowers

Left on my doorstep today

No note was attached to the paper

Who left them? I just couldn't say

A dozen red roses burst forth

Such vividness explodes in my arms

A blush of blood pink as a posy

Rushed fast as I took in their charms

I buried my face in their petals

Felt faint as I breathed their perfume

I searched up and down for the stranger

Who'd left me such ravishing blooms

For I was without any companion

Or suitor that spared me much thought

I did not expect to be lavished

No tribute to love should be bought

Yet here I was drowning in glamour

By whom I was dying to know

Deserving are few of such beauty

What prompted someone to bestow?

Perhaps they were meant for a neighbour

Or addressed to one I didn't know

Those were much wiser assumptions

Than that someone could care for me so

But I was not quick to surrender

Why doubt that they're something I'd own?

Yes, I was someone deserving!

They were going to be mine all alone!

To be generous with such a sweet gesture

I know it is meant to uplift

But that was not what gave me pleasure

The knowledge I'm loved was the gift

These flowers are more than a keepsake

Not simply a token of cheer

I see them now as a reminder

That someone is glad that I'm here!

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