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The Gift of Justice

I got my present early, and boy I sure am glad

I wished my little heart out and tried hard to not be bad

I got a little justice sprinkled with light schadenfreude

Some constitutionality sure keeps a spirit buoyed

Due process through the court of law does not come tied with bow

But a little truth and honesty just has that merry glow…

For there are some things sacrosanct, beware if you defy

And trampling on democracy is not thing you should try

It feels like Santa heard my wish and in his heart he knew

To give this gift to all who hoped integrity is due

The battle still is being fought, the war is hardly won

And though this gain’s significant, the work is barely done

A poison has pervaded minds and blackened heart and soul

To see the ties between us break has taken deep a toll

Obsessively I’ve watched and sweat for glimmers in the dark

And lo the wait has sent reprieve, it’s granted smallest spark

To want something so bad you’ll stake all dreams you’ve ever had

And then get taste of triumph has made all my tidings glad!

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