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The Grand Holiday

*Illustration reference:

Chuck Jones 1966

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

May your merry be bright and your tidings be blessed

May partridges in all the pear trees make their nests

May halls decked in holly be walked without prickles

May snowflakes on noses bring smiles as they tickle

May your pudding be figgy, your eggnog be spiced

On Santa’s list hope that you’re on the side: NICE

Let silver bells ring and all harps touched with gold

Share songs of such joy to the young and the old

May this time of the year buoy your spirit with happy

So you’ll grin at those cliches no matter how sappy

We’re all feeling giddy, there’s skip in our steps

Dull duties fulfilled with just a little more pep

It’s not that this holiday gives us more reason

To bring out the good in our hearts for the season

Our spirit needs snugness as year draws to close

And collective glad feelings between people just grows

Let us store up delight in a stockpile of pleasure

Make grand memories that forever we’ll treasure!

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