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The Greatest Gift of All

Is there yet a better gift

That warms the heart, or heals a rift

Will lift a weight from weary shoulder

Provides one shelter when it’s colder

Wipes a tear that’s shed in shadow

Strikes remark that’s crude and callow

Brings comfort when one’s ill at ease

Mutes the chaos, delivers peace

Assures you kinship when alone

Is steady when composure’s thrown

Tis Love. That thing that never schemes

To rob us of our hopes and dreams

That lives within yet grows to greatness

Can feel profound while being weightless

It never overstays its welcome

We wear it proudly like an emblem

It need not come wrapped under tree

Arms opened wide, it’s ours for free

So hand it out with wild abandon

To grasp it fast is not demanding

Upon that cliche we can call

Love. The greatest gift of all!

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