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The Human Circus

Look up in the air

Look down to the ground

Look left then look right

As you’re tossed upside down

You’ll feel kind of dizzy


But the thing worst of all

Is the show’s overrated

It’s nothing but garbage

So much that you choke

Obscuring your vision

With mirrors and smoke

A clown car of muckers

All sweaty and farty

How did such a shit show

Fit into one party?

They trip over words

And fall flat on their arse

Pretending they’re slick

When their act is a farce

And saddest of all

That their hapless supporters

Are all twisted and tangled

Like three-ring contorters

Abandoned and trampled

A gasping spent heap

With nothing to show from

The ill that they reap

A debacle that’s led

By the worst of sham leaders

A false-toothed orange barker

King of all Bottom-Feeders

The glitz and the glitter

Is as fake as can be

And the only thing suckered

Is our Democracy

We deserve to be scammed

If we let him still work us

We must not be fooled

By this dumb Human Circus!

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