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The Kite

It zigs and it zags in the air like a sprite

Skitters and slinky, the tail of a kite

The winds buoy it up and tease it with play

In a wide open field on a warm summer day

A pastime for children and grown-ups alike

A joyful amusement when breeze and mood strikes

And oh all the kites that are there for the taking

Creatures and dragons with long ribbons snaking

They dance in the skies with a tug on the string

And defy gravity like a bird on the wing

Or float like a jellyfish billowing slow

Enthralls us mere earthlings who watch from below

I often pass fields that are empty of playing

On such perfect days with the trees gently swaying

The ideal conditions for kites go to waste

Too trapped in our houses, distracted with haste

Instead let’s all run with our heads in the clouds

Be one with the kite flying puffed-up and proud

Weightless as feathers raised high off our feet

And delight in the haven where sky and heart meet

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