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The Lemonade Stand

Saturday morning you jump out of bed

Many a thing must be planned

Hand-painted sign is still drying outside

Boldly states “Lemonade Stand”

All the week eagerly things are prepared

Lemon rings sunny and bright

Perfect-sized glasses unwrapped and stacked high

Your drink recipe tastes just right!

Mom made some cookies and wrapped them just so

You’ll sell them a dollar a piece

And even if business should kinda start slow

Your friends will come by at the least

Your table is set and your sign is in place

Your pitcher is stirred with a spoon

The sun is so perfectly high in the sky

You’ll have your first customer soon

Proudly your parents admire your zeal

A young entrepreneur in the making

You can’t wait to count all the money you get

On a hot day it’s yours for the taking!

Many a person stops by for a glass

Your stand is now bustling with cheer

Your mother makes sure that your pitcher is full

Though your neighbour jokes, “Where is the beer!”

Hours gone by, you are empty but full

And everyone’s gone on their way

You take down the sign and clear up the mess

Like shop owners do every day

A true rite of passage that all kids enjoy

But quick went that money we made

And I hope that this poem has stirred memories

Like we stirred up that cold lemonade!

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