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The Noble Beast

The Connection Artist: Gatogacha

Those that held one to their heart

That felt deprived when lived apart

Have put their needs and wants asunder

For companionship, a thing of wonder

When love provides beyond our dreams

Both joy and sorrow free of schemes

Connection made like tree-trunk strong

Yoked and tethered, where I belong

But not forever, only years

The end will come in floods of tears

But hearts that scar build stronger yet

And fill again without regret

For if that touch we seek comes close

With silky fur and dewy nose

Our will dissolves with full surrender

Their drenching kiss and nuzzles tender

We discipline with velvet glove

Deserving unconditional love

We go to depths beyond all measure

Tamed by our four-legged treasure

And when they sleep and take their leave

We're left behind to mourn and grieve

Through pain we know we’d never trade

Our broken hearts will be remade

How blessed we are to know such peace

To have walked beside the noble beast

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