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The One

If there’s conditions to your love

Ideals you hold too far above

If you require certain text

Then list off traits with testy, “Next!”

There might be chance you’re not quite in it

There is no other way to spin it

Love needn’t be a grind nor chore

When deeply felt, your heart should soar

Please spend no time in search of fault

That tends to grind joy to a halt

You will not live in perfect state

If you require a perfect mate

Too critical in your selections?

There’s daring in our imperfections!

There’s such a range of satisfactions

(Still waters hide a healthy passion)

Be open to sweet tenderness

A smidge of sport, a heap of mess

If you see virtues in all this

A finger squeeze, a soft cheek kiss

Are gladly spent when day is done…  

Then chances are, you’ve found the one!

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