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The Perfect Sandwich

The freshest of bread and crustiest crust

Two slices will do, cut thickly a must

This one is toasted a nice golden brown

It must not be burnt, no fooling around!

Spread on both sides with real mayonnaise

Don’t be too stingy with your spreading ways

This is not time to be holding it back

Much will be needed for this sandwich stack

Perhaps from your garden, the plumpest tomato

(Chips on the side, made from local potato)

Crisp lettuce green that frills at the ends

The nicest of textures this ingredient lends

Now the important piece de resistance

Crunchy thick bacon my only insistence

For my perfect sandwich, at least it’s to me

The one and the only, the great BLT!

I’ve eaten so many I’ve surely lost count

But I will eat more in whatever amount

I know this assertion to be tried and true

Perfection in sandwich is so hard to do.

Don’t worry if eating it all of the time

For loving a sandwich is never a crime!

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