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The Raspberry

Oh jewel of a fruit

From shrub do you hang

Juicy wee drupelets

With a sweet little tang

The summer is perfect

With all that you need

Abundance of sun

Gladly nurtures your seed

Swarthy and meddling

Your roots slyly spread

Soon bushels are growing

All peppered with red

Though thorny your stems

In your high tunnel bramble

We shan’t be deterred

Through your arches we ramble

And we are rewarded

With the most tasty treat

My pail remains empty

For I can’t wait to eat

Pies, jams and compotes

A buckle or cake

With sugar and cream

Like my gram used to make

For this bauble of berry

My love can’t go deeper

Aught embodies summer

Like this fruit-laden creeper

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