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The Worth of Humanity

Flora and the West Wind

Artist: Agnes Kokot

What a time it was oh what a time

A poet set free now struggles for rhyme

Happy-go-lucky have emptied their glasses

Alone in their corners as dark as molasses

Words are now needed to lift us above

The muddle of feeling we once thought was love

Never in question was humanity's worth

Instead what's become of our beloved Mother Earth

Ragged are gardens once summer delights

She's bestowed a dim vision of plague and of blight

When did we misplace our skill for compassion?

When did kindheartedness go out of fashion?

But lessons are life and they need to be learned

Free of all strife is a state that is earned

Each challenge we face be it mighty or small

Like Goliath to David is destined to fall

This new path we walk might be full of unknowns

A quagmire of dense brush unkempt and o'ergrown

But our journey on foot be as swift as we need

Wings sprout from our heels that will bring us great speed

A life going forward that’s rich with reward

Our ships loaded down on clear seas and unmoored

We must come together and find common ground

Give defenseless protection as perils surround

Superior beings show true altruism

Not choosing to champion discord and schism

Humane and trustworthy are traits we must flaunt

To fight for the world that we all say we want

To me that's the battle that's worth dying for

Doggedly paddling so far is the shore

Humble we make it by lending our hand

Or let hubris drown us before we reach land

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