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Okay you’ve made me think about it

The world is cracked, I dare you doubt it

What’s up is down, what’s wrong is right

We’ve lost the battle before the fight

‘Cause what above all that we prize

Is frivolity, I’m not surprised

Too much money that’s wasted on

When paid out, *poof*, good-bye, long gone

Those people that are venerated

For profits they have generated

Only by athletic prowess

Like their feet have super powers?

Ball in basket, or past the post

Who gets the gold? Who scores the most!

The business of who will get paid

Is based on too much accolade

A scorecard is no more of use

Than the fantasy of golden goose

We worship that which in defeat

Is nothing but a butt in seat

Yet there are heroes everywhere

That do not need to fly through air

The folk who are our best of species

Researchers that help cure diseases

The people who transport our goods

The ones that grow and harvest food

Nurses, teachers, social workers

The dedicated, the true non-shirkers

They’re the ones that always serve

And yet don’t get what they deserve

The world does not need billionaires

That scheme to never pay their share

We need to value public spirit

Teach humanism, adhere to it

I’ll feel true optimism when -

A caregiver’s crowned the champion!

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