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Urban Farmer

Who says you can’t farm in the city?

Get your hands all mucked and gritty

We’ve got backyards with lots of space

And planted seeds that grew apace

One thing we planted years ago

That proudly we can say did grow

Were grape vines, and they yielded fruit

What clustered drops of juicy loot!

Just harvested at peak of season

A dusty purple, so eye-pleasin’

The goal is jelly, wobbly sweet

From vine to jar, the loop’s complete

You’d think it hard, those farmer’s say

But do things fast, the urban way

In mere short hours, all work’s done

So little toil, and way more fun!

Who cares if cleaning’s such a pain

My house looks like a hurricane

It matters not that I did spill

A ton of crap with power drill…

I’m covered head to toe in grapes

Off ceiling detritus I scrape

(I’m serious, I really did it

The mess it made! Nope, I’m not kiddin’!)

You don’t need acres, horse or plow

You’ll make out what to do somehow

Perhaps a YouTube video

Will show you all you need to know…

What matters most is food from scratch

There’s heart and soul in every batch

Your tidy home might take a beating -

But satisfaction’s in the eating!

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