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Wind At Your Back

The wind in your sails or a wind at your back

The advantage you want that will keep you on track

It eases your way, just the push that you need

A break from the hindrance that hampers your speed

You barely can feel it, imperceptible nudge

Allows you to breath on the trek that you trudge

It is such a relief when you know the wind’s blowing

In exactly the bearing and way that you’re going

Because when it’s not, when the wind’s in your face

A weight added on that can hold you in place

It makes the work harder and saps valued strength

It even might add to the breadth and the length

For life is a struggle, requiring grit

And any advantage takes the strain out of it

So should, on your journey, feel moment of calm

A lightness of step that’s abating as balm

It’s hand that is lifting, a friend that’s supporting

It’s pieces of puzzle that are suddenly sorting

How far we can go, will it spur us to lead?

That incentive just might help us all to succeed!

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