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Woman Warrior

This is one woman’s story

Of harsh words and glory

A girl of First Nations

Without expectations

Inside ever doubting

Traditions she’s flouting

Facing walls full of bricks

And an attitude thick

Young love lost and found

Had her lose precious ground

She was more than determined

To do away with vain sermons

To learn to survive

At ripe age, twenty-five

She took total control

Education the goal

She worked twice as hard

And earned fitting regard

For with sass and defiance

And a deep love of science

Once soundly berated

Against odds that had grated

This journey she’s traveled

Could have surely unraveled

But there’s a fire inside her

That like pale horse and rider

Over dry valleys cracked

And a mind and soul wracked

She defeated her demons

Her ambitions, she freed them

She’s re-written her story

To claim victory

I say put up no barrier

For this wild spirit carrier

No battle will worry her

For she is a warrior!

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