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This, that comes, does not come easy

Tis not Life’s role to ever please me

To make it joyous without pain

Ensure I will not wish in vain

There was no vow, I’ve made no pact

No names signed on a set contract

I sail on seas as wide as sky

My journey’s path will be led by

The choices made, whole on my part

That balance ‘tween the head and heart

Though some days head will overtake

Leading to a heart that breaks

And yet should heart win over sense

A giddy joy be recompense

The hope is that none o’er the other

Will overwhelm to point of smother

No, what we want is good with grave

To be madcap as much as brave

To be so open with our love

At risk for grief when we’re stripped of

For even now on cusp of leave

I’m doubled over, I cannot breathe

This hurt that aches shall know no balm

Yet pay the price, without a qualm

To know devotion of such breadth

Eclipses even threat of death

Yearning at our very core…

Is not this need what we live for?

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