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You and Me

If you feel alone, adrift

‘Tween mind and soul exists a rift

To give love and in turn be loved

The other stands so stern, unmoved

You’ve lost your selfdom countless times

Wept openly o’er tear-soaked rhymes

You’ve beat your breast and made a vow

Be better, stronger, at least for now…

But habits that are so ingrained

Will rear again, if heart is trained

To open at the slightest glance

Give up its life for one more chance

And, oh the joy, with such submission

Blinded by quixotic vision

Such slaves we are to ardency

For one last swing at meant-to-be

Yet crushing zeal is not enough

A smothered flame is quickly snuffed

You’re back to where you hate to be

Lamenting the absurdity

When all along the answer lies

In place that should bring no surprise

An old cliche, that’s tried and true

The greatest love of all - it’s you

Give credit to your stalwart self

Here by your side, when no one else

Has ever truly known your truth

Your gifts that never needed proof

I offer you this thought so deep

The mantra that sings you to sleep

Why can’t our best companions be

The you in you; the me in me?

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