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There’s nothing that’s more deadlier

Results in chaos, that’s for sure

Than college students in a car

Driving into darkness far

With barely road map as their guide

So unaware on their joyride…

What ill awaits this group, you’ll see

Right off the bat, there’s mystery

They find the Naturom Demonto

A holy mess starts brewing, pronto!

It takes a simple incantation

To soon cause gory devastation

There’s spirits that will trick your mind

Possession of demonic kind

The trees alive, their branches claws

Who’ll do you in and that’s because

A fiend that is of Sumer bred

An incubus, The Evil Dead

Wants nothing more (or less) your soul

Consume it will your body whole

No matter if you gouge its eyes

Cut off its head, it never dies

Though one survives, we don’t know how

Ash is who can save us now

With all the strength that he can summon

He fights off every beast that’s comin’

Until there’s him, the book and fire

The book burns in satanic pyre

The demons crumple, melt away

And Ash limps out to light of day…

But do not doubt that vileness lives

Its spite endures, it shan’t forgive

We’ll not be free from all its evils

(The “fun” goes on in all the sequels!!)

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