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No cake nor candle, lit for thee

But there is gift, receive it daily

Without a ribbon tied so gaily

It’s brought to you, a thousand miles

Your downy face, your gap-toothed smile

Your absent eyes, they sometimes fix

Upon my own, what joy they give

These tiny moments can’t be missed

The baby powder, dad’s sweet kiss

But there is also gift for me

Bestowed it is, unconsciously

A present opened years ago

Another path for me to follow

One that led to warmth and peace

A place of calm and sweet release

Where sacrifice is never felt

For Love’s the glow that makes grief melt

And still the greatest gift to me

Is giving space to simply… be

Be in the moment, one with self

Be who I am, and nothing else

You gave to me, without me knowing

A seed to plant, that started growing

And blossomed into well-lived life

Though balanced on the edge of knife

But I won’t fear the day it ends

For all good down some paths descend

And hope I did my very best

To ease your way to long last rest

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