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Tis hard to fathom fifteen years

Have passed since we cried vampire tears

For hallowed myth fell into arms

Of young adults, and all their charms

And turned a fiend that’s quite remarkable

Into dude whose skin is so sparkle-able

Instead of Count with white silk glove

We have two “youngsters” deep in love…

Pale-complexions, haunted gaze

Their chemistry became a craze

This silly story changed the world

Blood-sucking heartthrob pines for girl

Like destiny grabbed hold his fangs

And gave his dead heart lovesick pangs

It’s so absurd that such a legend

Falls to pieces at mere mention

Of the name, what undoes fella

Like whispered sonnet, he wilts at “Bella…”

Excuse me while I fetch my eyes

They rolled right out, it’s no surprise

For we that love the noble wraith

We’ll hold fast lore and keep the faith

Let sparkle-skinned bloodsuckers live

Their corny fancies we forgive

But I will never let it go

What I’m about to say, you know

There’s fewer dumb things I recall

Than vampires

In a storm



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