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There’s things we shouldn’t rush to judge

For hidden gold might lodge in sludge

And there are films that on first glance

Turn our world view just bit askance

I saw this film so long ago

And yet in heart, retains its glow

A buried gem, that scared me shitless

My younger self, left thrown and witless

Not quite a zombie, nor a demon

But story about family grieving

A son, from war, returns, not - right -

In horror flick called “Dead of Night”

(You’d never guess this film so gory

The same guy made “A Christmas Story”!!)

A simple premise, nothing strange

Except returning soldier’s … changed

It’s like he isn’t quite all there

Elated mother doesn’t care

But there is death, surrounds him so

And sad but frightful worry grows

A miracle, how he survived

Might really be, he’s not alive!

But mother’s love will not give up

Though soon pursued he is by cops

Through streets they rush, things get quite harry

Then ends the chase in cemetery

The final scene will break your heart

As anguish in him tears apart

We find him at a fresh dug grave

With mother who wants just to save

The one she loves most desperately

Who in the end turns out to be

A thing that breaks all natural law

Much like the tale “The Monkey’s Paw”

To blindly wish, brings nothing good

Except a fiend that lusts for blood…

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