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There’s movies that are time-stamped classic

Impression that they leave is massive

The echoes of their feats still ring

None more so than the film, “The Thing”

It takes its time to scare you senseless

You’re stripped of armour, left defenseless

The things we fear are waiting for ya

A sense of danger, paranoia

Mutant that can mimic life

With awesome scenes, this film is rife

The cast was picked with great intention

Depicted perfect strain and tension

Effects so grand, when monster splayed

You can’t believe how they got made

The sight from mind I can’t expunge -

That spider-head with snake-like tongue!

Plus eerie score, the perfect touch

Oh how I love this film so much…

I know it seems hard to believe

When first released, was ill-received

A masterpiece, before it’s time

Repulsed the crowds with gore and slime

To many viewers, seemed too grim

The nation’s mood was stressed and dim

Folks didn’t like uncertainty

And critics burned quite savagely

But when released on video

Respect for film, at last, did grow

Inspired prequel, ennobled legend

And showed its impact’s never-ending

As horror opus, it holds dominion

In essence, perfect, in my opinion!

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