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If there was one thing I wished for

For all my life, I would adore

Than that one thing would be my son

Once boy, now man, but ever young

A gentle giant, sweet as kitten

And for this man-child I am smitten

For few have nature kind as his

That sees the good in all there is

Unspoiled, without cynicism

Muted with all criticism

Loves to jest, but when concerned

His back to you is never turned

If you could hear him laugh with glee

Your heart would melt, so glad you’d be

And on this day, it’s year of twenty

Shower him with love a-plenty

Oh Sam our hearts with you are full

And life with you is never dull

We honour you in all the ways

Overflowing joy for days

I grant the world wrapped with a bow

To the most good-natured guy I know!

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