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What is the image staring back

A grimace masking hopeless hack?

A sycophantic mewling beast

Who gives the most, yet takes the least?

Perhaps a shadow fading fast

Invisible to all that pass

A visage that lacks any shape

All sense of joy has made escape

When you gaze into psychic mirror

Does what stare back grow dim or clearer?

Does it reflect what’s there inside

Your spirit, does it shrink and hide?

Have pressures lurked with crafty stealth

Made you turn into something else

So that with time you’ve realized

You’ve lived a life in full disguise

When other’s needs you’re always meeting

It’s your self-worth that takes a beating

That voice within wants to be heard

“Shape up! Be proud!” it’s always urged

Cast all pretense aside and shine

For laurels you no longer pine

They won’t be granted without cost

And won’t replace what gist you’ve lost

You must trust what you know is true

The only thing that counts… is YOU!

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