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If you’ve affection for some gore

And dislike films that drag and bore

Than I have film that’s made for you

With blood by bucket, zombies too!

Great Peter Jackson, he’s a king!

(The one who made Lord of the Rings)

Long time ago made movie weird

One of which you’ve never heard

But dig it up, you won’t regret it

Watch it once, you won’t forget it

It’s got romance and comedy

All mixed up with mystery

But most of all, and this is good

It’s got a ton of viscous blood!

See, in this movie there’s a plague

Often how a zombie’s made

But this is not your average story

Where monsters kill and things get gory

No, this has zombie sex and babies

50s music, rats with rabies

There’s love between a boy and girl

Trapped within a zombie world

If carnage is a thing you go for

There’s zombie death by gas lawn mower

There’s so much blood your head will spin

Amount that were you to step in

You’d disappear as if you’d fell

In gore-filled never-ending well

If you’re convinced by what I’ve said

Get copy of the film, “Braindead”

(Been known to put your gorge to test

An empty stomach might be best!)

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