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Have you pondered world beyond

This earthly plain, once we are gone

To still have dreams, rich with desires

Yet tangled as if caught ‘mongst briars

Imagine worse the life you’d led

Was full of woe, a sense of dread

I set the scene, in misty wood

This mother trapped with sickly brood

The drapes are drawn until the night

Her children kept from deadly light

Day after day, an endless trial

Sustainable? She’s in denial

But comes to aid a haunting trio

Reluctantly she strikes a deal

But soon her home, she once deemed safe

Feels now in clutches of a wraith

Her children and herself in peril

Though every door locks room so sterile

And soon her mind is running wild

They’re preyed upon by ghostly child

But what comes for this watchful mother

As slow reveal proves that “The Others”

Are they that died want nothing more

To tortured souls they will implore

Without an ounce of hate or wrath

Give up this world and walk The Path

This offers spirits their salvation

Release from all their desolation

Forgiveness for a horrid crime

Locked in embrace till end of time

Revealing dawn they all can share

Eternity in Mother’s care…

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