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What started out as summer break Sweet kids head to Camp Crystal Lake

To pristine water, swaying trees

The chirping bird song on the breeze

Once site of grim calamity

A child drowned! A tragedy!

But now the worst is in the past

The kids are here to have a blast!

But innocence is not a balm

When handle of a knife on palm

Is what awaits these wide-eyed youths

A killer that’s in hot pursuit

So through the night, much blood is shed

Sharp arrows pierce, an ax through head

They’re stalked until there’s just one left

Who then runs into arms of death

Tis mother’s wrath that was concealed

As final truth is thus revealed

She’s here to murder everyone

Revenge for loss of much loved son

But fight is not anticipated

Villain gets decapitated!

The Final Girl, waits for rescue

She floats on lake in old canoe

Suddenly to shocked surprises

From water’s depths, Jason rises!

He drags her down, she won’t escape

We’re left to shriek, our mouths agape!

But what cuts off our curdled scream

Is that it was all just a dream

Or was it? Dare we look beneath

The covers on Friday Thirteenth

The ghost of Jason should be gone

But vengeful memory is long…

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