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Do we turn in sheer disgust

From things our eyes, they cannot trust

Our sensibility we goad

Repulsed by loathsomeness of toad

With images that turn and sicken

In horror, makes our pulses quicken

Of visions, that we cannot speak

There’s deluge of in movie, “Freaks”

A film from 1932

Prescient in strange world view

A circus of anomalies

Portrayed as tight-knit company

But trouble comes in form of woe

A “normal” pair conspired so

Plotted to kill the dwarf named Hans

But drunken kiss reveals their plans

And heroes bent, marred and contorted

Band together, peril thwarted… But punishment was to be meted

On culprits that had been defeated

An eye-for-eye, of pure mayhem

They turned the woman, one of “them”

A thing that people spurned and shunned

When premiered made the public run

But time has made our viewpoint change

Those images seem not so strange

Those barriers that needed smashing

Director that could show compassion

Never meant to demonize them

Success in goal to humanize them

Acknowledge abnormality

Found grace in their humanity…

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