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You wonder why I mention “Xmas”

(It’s not because I love it this much!)

But when I’m asked to write about

A thing, I will without a doubt

Put all my time and energy

To make sure it’s done right by me!

And with my subjects I do find

I dig real deep, with that in mind

With “Xmas” I was at a loss

Just why the “Christ” became a cross

A misconception It seems a given

Is that the “X” rebuked religion

But in the 16th century

The “X” was truly meant to be

A Roman Catholic sign for Christ

Its use is proper when one writes

But still debate’s around this letter

But with this info, we know better

Don’t you like to learn things new?

And now we know this cool thing too!

(And here you thought it weird because

You thought I’d write ‘bout Santa Clause!)

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