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A Cyclist's Prayer

Why do some choose not to yield

Their auto as a lance they wield

They shoot towards me like a bullet

With trigger, chose to blindly pull it

Though light is red, the chance they take

Is that the right turn they can make

Without a thought to who might wait

Whose right of way? There’s no debate

They’re looking left, for all they care

Is that no other car is there

But to their right, with light of green

Is person who longs to be seen

Without recourse, just meager bell

There is no warning that works well

So if I choose to make my way

It’s likely with my life I’ll pay

Though I be right, I will be dead

Or maybe just a bleeding head

And that is what my day is like

I take chance when I ride my bike

I’m better driver on two wheels

Then them with four, that’s how it feels

So if you read this, and you drive

Please help this biker stay alive

At intersections, look both ways

Ease up, remember, caution pays

And listen to this cyclist’s prayer -

Don’t make turns blindly, without care

You never know who might be there…

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