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Always Welcome

The holidays are falling behind

Like a car in a rear view mirror

Here’s hoping the memories this year you’ve made

Do not fade, but only get clearer

Heavy reliance on special occasions

To bring cherished ones to our door

Distance and drudgery does get in the way

And leaves us all wanting for more

We often are fooled by quick pictures and texts

With ease we have “zoomed” face-to-face

But nothing replaces the pure joy we feel

When we are locked in a loving embrace!

Now more than ever we need to connect

And strive to maintain through the year

Putting in effort to nurture our bonds

Gives comfort for when you’re not here

So treasure the minutes, the hours and days

Of the visits with family and friends

They bring with them smiles and leave with our hearts

And we can’t wait to see them again!

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