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Tis arrogance of man’s stiff plod

To think he shares his gifts with God

Hubristic stance that he shall give

The lifeless breath, the will to live

With sum of parts, cast-off, discarded

Corpse forsaken by hard-hearted

That is the vice of Frankenstein

A tale that stands the test of time

Of youthful zeal in skill and science

Experiments of sheer defiance

Conjured creature from the depths

Pulling life from grasp of death

But woe to them that blindly try

The laws of nature, they dared defy

The fruit is spoiled, a ghastly pall

Doomed and banished, shunned by all

Till nothing’s left of tortured soul

But vengeful rage, to maim, their goal

To be unloved by their creator

The agony, there’s nothing greater

And he who loosed this “fallen angel”

Sought to end existence hateful

Pursued it to the coldest reaches

An insane drive which ever breaches

Beliefs that could be deemed as sainted

To Frankenstein, his “offspring” tainted

So in the end, both made and maker

Of Life, the giver and the taker

In the end, met equal fate

Though born of hope, they learned too late

Such insolence needs to be chastened

Life’s to be prized, not toyed and wasted

When lines are crossed, we are at odds

Mere mortals shan’t eclipse the Gods…

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