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Be Back in 10...

The sign is posted on the door

And yet I’ll need 10 minutes more

In fact I think I’ll take the day

So no more work and only play

And if you need me, just too bad

A break I need from week I’ve had

There were too many obligations

Annoyances and deep frustrations

My gas gauge is now down to fumes

And even though fresh hell, it looms

I’ve waved off all my current tasks

If help you seek, right now, don’t ask

I need to recharge batteries

For every ounce of me got squeezed

Indulge me, as I pull the shade

Enjoy the drink on ice I’ve made

Kick off my shoes, and settle in

Away from daily rush and din

And in the morn I’ll be refreshed

Inclined to try my very best

Until I’m drained all o’er again

And up goes sign, “Be Back in 10”...

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