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We seek seashells by the shore

Peeking through the waves and sand

At sunrise gladly we explore

Gathered prizes spill from hands

Seaswept cloaked in hidden kelp

Abandoned conch and bearded mussel

Hermit crab in mode of stealth

Loses home in sandy tussle

Glass made smooth from crushing surf

Fossilized the craggy rock

A record of the ocean’s birth

Now dwelling for a seagull flock

Treasures flushed from purest blue

Spiraled husk and carapace

Iridescent in its hue

And coral delicate as lace

Memories of eyes salt-stung

Collecting from the bounding main

Beaches walked since I was young

Won’t be replaced by prairie plain

Full my heart as much my hands

Searching long into the gloaming

My coastal soul now locked by land

Oh how I love and miss beachcombing…

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