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The one thing that is sure and true

Or hope I do, it’s true for you

Family, your tribe, your kin

That stand by you through thick and thin

But what if that bond were so stretched

For forces evil have entrenched

To do the bidding of The Beast

The one who aims to despoil peace

“Hereditary” tries to capture

A legion on the edge of rapture

A matriarch’s vile legacy

Echoes on like deathbed plea

A mother, father, son and daughter

With hidden pain and little laughter

Must navigate as pressures mount

Each member’s sins held to account

And closes in, a baneful coven

Who seeks a male to rule and govern

A course of actions, seem hell bent

Spurred on by force malevolent

Until the guilty and unblemished

Collide in need that must be finished

The brother must give up his life

So that his body might be spliced

With high god Paimon, who brings riches

To worshippers, his servant witches

And in the end, the goal is reached

The spirit of the beast’s unleashed

We see, at altar, bod-less head

That wore the crown, now in its stead

The Boy-King in his rightful place

Bemused look beams across his face

And left are we to contemplate

What does this mean to mortals’ fate?

There is no weapon we can wield

For bonds of blood shall never yield…

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