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Birthday With A Bang!

There’s running joke within my house

A jape my family likes to flout

That makes me look a downright louse

To one as lovely as my spouse

I never can remember date

Of hubby’s birthday, ah ‘tis fate

I come out looking not so great

Tis one of my least worthy traits

It’s always been a strange conundrum

Remembering a special someone

It should be easy, he’s my husband!

It makes me feel like quite the dum-dum!

But he is loving and so kind

And honestly, he doesn’t mind

Like faulty clock you cannot wind

I shall forget, till end of time

Yet here we are, the very day

I did remember! I’m here to say

I wish him in the grandest way

He has the best of all birthdays!

(All these years, I’m getting smarter

‘Cause finally this time I made sure

I won’t be called an amateur -

The date was marked in calendar!)

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