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Blades of Steel

Across my neighbourhood I scoot

Hat, scarf, mitts, and winter boots

My brother’s skates slung over shoulder

Passed down to me as he’s grown older

My well-used stick and taped up puck

It’s early morn, but out I snuck

I want to get some practice in

Some backward skates, some hops and spins

This early bird will get the worm

Around this rink I’m gonna burn

It’s fun to show each other up

And vie for our own Stanley Cup

It doesn’t matter, win or fail

I mean, it’s only upturned pail

In distance I can hear the sound

Of people skating round and round

The cracking ice from last night’s flood

That thwack of puck the wooden thud

This sport has always sung to me

You need to have some artistry

To handle speed, the puck, the stick

Your brain and limbs, they must be quick

I’m not sure I could ever dream

Of playing on my favourite team

But nothing else can make me feel

Like flying, than these blades of steel…

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