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There is a choice we make

Each moment we pass from unaware to awake

Each time we feel stirred

The lines we cross are fragile and blurred

Hot fingers ball into fist

Tongue curls in mouth to lash or resist

What is the weapon we wield

Will it be a sword or shield

That fights the worst of our urges

That offers relief as it purges

It is breath

It lifts, expands, defies death

Learn its power, mine its depth

Summon it often but never waste

Allow it freedom but not in haste

Untethered beast wildly maned

You will find that once it’s tamed

Unleashes force that’s most benign

Obliges sense to realign

Draw upon its mystic strength

To shorten much all anger’s length

Victims not of random fates

Grants us will to temper hate

Do we inhale with gentle calm

Cooling breath that acts as balm

Releasing tension without a blow

Win the war by letting go

Or do we cling to festered thoughts

Victory at any cost

Do we save a life in pain

Or meanly hoard and gasp in vain?

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