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There is a meal that sits between

Our breakfast time and lunch

A magical, delightful spread

That we all know as brunch!

The best thing ‘bout this pleasant meal

It’s not your standard gruel

It’s savoury or richly sweet

There are no steadfast rules

There’s yummy french toast piled high

To syrup we’re addicted

Or poached eggs on a muffin crisp

They’re best when Benedict-ed

A casserole of corn and cream

Fruit salad for the takin’

And mounds of sausage out of pan

With crunchy thick-cut bacon

And best of all is you can drink

And I don’t mean some juice

A champagne glass that’s always full

Keeps pants and lips real loose!

So go ahead and sleep right in

Then don pink pastel sweater

Enjoy a nice long brunch with friends

Your day can’t start off better!!

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