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*Illustration reference:

Costume design for the opera Snow Maiden

Artist: Viktor Mikhaylovich 

Oh Spring that most mercurial season

When sky smiles or rumbles for any old reason

It warms and it cools in the course of one day

It might start out lovely then end with dismay

Or just for a jape the air swirls thick with sleet

By mid-day it’s melted, wet muck under feet

You need a light jacket, or mittens and parka

You go out in sunshine, next minute it’s darker

A sweet calming breeze in a snap turns to bluster

You face it with all of the nerve you can muster

Predicting the weather is like herding wild cats

The calendar’s covered with spasmodic stats

Yet tide will soon turn and the days will dawn brighter

Our clothes, like our mood, will be finer and lighter

For like eager children with anticipation

Impatience soon turns to all-out full elation

When all days are sunny and temperatures rise

We rollick with glee under pleasureful skies

We’re finally at that beloved time of the year

The Spring Equinox, long-awaited, is here!

(The snow on the ground may belie declaration

Still worthy of throwing budtime celebration!)

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