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I am quite the candy fiend

There’s no point in denying

If I should find some pocket change

It’s candy that I’m buying!

I’d eat it for all three square meals

I’d eat it right ‘til bed

And ‘tween the choice of veg or treat

I’d eat the sweet instead

I know my dentist would despair

Implore me to cut back

How many times he’d lecture me?

Not sure, I would lose track

But I cannot be stopped or stemmed

It’s best you leave me be

I laugh at all the tales I’m told

Of how candy’s bad for me

For that’s the fun of growing up

I’ll do just as I please

I’d eat a bowl of caramel sauce

Instead of meat and peas

And if I eat unhealthily

And have not long to live

I can’t be made to feel regret

‘Twas my prerogative!

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