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Case of The Mondays...

*shout out to actress Jennifer Jane Emerson, for being "THAT" one,

and the reference for my illustration. From the movie, Office Space (1999)

Is there a thing that makes us sadder

Trapped at desk, first rung on ladder

Saddled doing this then that

Enduring inane shop chit chat

And the day that’s worst of all

As if the weekend hits a wall

On Monday morning life just ends

Nobody loves them, you can’t pretend

And if you’re caught at work with frown

God forbid “THAT” one’s around…

Who calls it “A case of the Mondays”

The one who thinks it’s just a fun way

Of making light of workday grind

They think it gets it off the mind?

Tell them now, please please don’t say it

‘Cause as a joke, they will not slay it

Hated universally

Even meant ironically

The best thing that will beat the blues

Is not deal blow upon a bruise

Hope everyone goes ‘bout their day

Makes point of staying out your way

In summer it is more essential

Avoiding all breakdown potential

Make list of tasks, it’s quite constructive

Keep head down and be productive

And tell yourself, when you feel low -

There’s only four more days to go!

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