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In time of ghoul apocalypse

I’ve got this handy little tip

If searching for a near safe haven

From the creatures vile and craven

Where you’re free to rest and sprawl

Run really fast to shopping mall!

In awesome film, “Dawn of the Dead”

A zombie plague through town did spread

A band of four in helicopter

Found a mall and gladly stopped there

As fix for bind, it was inspired

Had everything their hearts desired

Soon free of zombies, doors all barred

They took time off from standing guard

Protected from the undead hassle

So proud they were of shored up castle

Until they spotted late one evening

A threat approached, but these were breathing

People came for what they had

Unfortunately, they were bad

They broke through doors, let zombies in

The castle breached, a war begins!

The bullets flew, machetes chopped

Some even tried to loot the shops

So many fell to zombie bites

Until defeated, gang took flight

And only two of what was four

Were left on littered castle floor

To try and live another day

They got in chopper, flew away

This tale’s not one of victory

The moral of this grim story

Our life on earth, we must take stock

For when Hell’s full, the dead will walk…

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