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The movie that I now recall

That has a theme, celestial

Another tale with pod that hatches…

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

It’s got that feel of paradigm

The paranoia of its time

A sense of trust and what we knew

Had been destroyed, become unglued

This movie came and hit a nerve

Disquiet is the theme it served

With villain that’s an astral guest

That floats through space until it rests

On planet that is ripe for taming

Subjugate is what they’re aiming

So earth with air of “godliness”

Replaced by mien of “poddiness”

For how they act is most robotic

Yet mantra they repeat’s hypnotic

Be free of angst, and fear and hate

But live in cold and deadened state

Disengaged and apathetic

No liveliness or joy frenetic?

To aliens, seems quite okay

But as a human? Hey, no way!

The few that see the truth are chased

They see a city laid to waste

And like good horror, people fall

It seems the writing’s on the wall

This foe, in numbers much too great

Will take control and dominate

The ending of this film will stun

If not seen, I won’t spoil the fun

But I implore, miss not this gem

Superb take on us vs. them!

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