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The mystery wherein does lay

Locked in our chains of DNA

It makes us us, two arms and legs

Yet when unlocked? The question begs

So Cronenberg, of grotesque bent

Took Jeff Goldberg, and off they went

They turned a classic upside down

Respectfully and honour-bound

Man of Science, that common trope

Has theory way beyond his scope

In chasing tele-transportation

He rushed the job in sheer frustration

Then did the thing he should not try

And fused himself with common fly

But there is woman by his side

Who stood by him, god, how she tried

With her we watch a good man melt

The dawning horror plainly felt

Until he’s lost his human-ness

And only way out of this mess

Is with more people he can try

To lessen in him mass of fly

What happens next, so sad to see

This plan it fails so miserably

The doctor now, a wretched soul

Will never ever be made whole

And woman that he loved, with dread

Takes rifle and blows off his head…

I’ll tell you why I love this film

It’s Cronenberg, who’s at the helm

He made a movie full of chaos

But mostly rings with striking pathos

He proves through story, strangely moving

Man’s hubris will be his undoing…

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