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Che Buona, Pizza Margherita!

I think there is a perfect meal

That satisfies all tastes

Savoury and flavourful

Once served none goes to waste

(It's birth goes back to ancient times

Derived from panis focacius

Those Romans really knew their stuff

To me it’s panis delicious!)

Pizza by any other name

Would still taste mighty fine

If it’s served I’ll order it

No matter where I dine

Though many cannot help themselves

And complicate this food

Be prudent with ingredients

A deft hand makes it good

A yeasty base is crucial for

A dish that can’t be beat

Baked in oven hot with wood

It beckons one to eat

Thick or thin the choice is yours

Essential is that crust

Crispy on the bottom though

Is a culinary must

The sauce is also critical

The fruit picked in its prime

San Marzano tomatoes make

This element sublime

Fresh the cheese should always be

A supple ball of white

Glistening in that sea of red

It stirs the appetite

Not much more is needed now

Except fresh basil torn

Drizzled with some olive oil

It’s food in finest form

Pizza Margherita is

A dish that you must try

Flawless sustenance this is

I'll eat until I die!

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