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Chill Out

I spend a lot of time enraged

As if a beast pent up and caged

I find much fault in all I see

So vengeful is the default me

But taking chance on much reflecting

There is behaviour I’m regretting

I’ve always let my pique spill out

When I should just relax, chill out

So every day or every hour

I try, I do, with all my power

To find a way to make some peace

With things I can’t control, at least

And that it’s best to let it go

Just shake it off, hang back, I know

So with this ode, I’ve made a pact

To find a better way to act

To try to choose the calmer way

To make it through the course of day

And try to show a little kindness

Rather than react with blindness

Even if the things that trigger

Do not fade, or get much bigger

Practice poise, I could for starters

‘Cause being patient’s so much harder

At end of day, how proud I’d be

If I learned to live quietly

And left resentment far behind

Such peacefulness I’m sure to find…

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